Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Gift that keeps on giving!

For Father's Day, I got my son Bradley some Children's book by Dahlov Ipcar, an illustrator whose work he loves. He really didn't even know if she was alive or not ...she was born 1917. He was thrilled when he realized that this sweet 96 year old, illustrator that he has admired her work for so long, still does paintings and interviews every month. This truly is the gift that keeps on giving because, he was able to do interview with her through her son
.I am so grateful that my gift was just what he wanted!
This interview reminded me how much life and happiness people get... when they keep creating each day. It is a good way to grow old!
It was fun to read, hope you will take a minute to look at it, on my son's blog  Here:
Good Night dear friends!
P.S. Scroll down and read the 9 rules of a creator's life!

Our Interview with Dahlov Ipcar

<3 RULES OF A CREATOR'S LIFE: 1)Do more than what you're told to do. 2)Try new things. 3)Teach others about what you know. 4)Make work into play. 5)Take breaks. 6)Work when others are resting. 7)Always be creating. 8)Make your own inspiration. 9)Love what you do, or leave.

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