Sunday, July 27, 2014


I don't remember if I ever did a lemonade stand as a child, but we probably did. We moved to the country when I was 10, so it had to be while I lived in the city if I did. But I surely remember my kids doing them and that was a happy memory.

 Today Poppa and I stopped what we were doing and helped the girls do a lemonade stand for a couple of hours. We started off in the sun, but after 5 mins we realized our chocolate chip cookies were melting and so were we. So we moved over underneath our tree in the front and set  up shop there. Not a ton of people in the neighborhood today but the ones who came were very nice and sweet to the girls. I made this lemonade stand a year ago for my work. It was fun to finally use it. Still they have used it for other things at home, puppet theater, movie  and popcorn sells... lots of fun ideas if you have an imagination!
 Even in the heat...they were having fun, and learning lots about business in the sales world!

Fun day, we will do it a few more times before Summer is over hopefully! 
Speaking of the happiest things, listen to this song  that you can find HERE:
It should bring a smile to your face for sure!
Good night dear friends!

"One of the luckiest things that can happen to you in life is, I think , to have a happy childhood. "   ~ Agatha Christie

"Children can see magic...because they look for it! "   ~ Christopher Moore

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