Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Impromptu Sleep Over !

Today I was just organizing some things and missing my family. The house is so quiet now that it is just Jeff and I. I didn't really have any big plans this morning except try and clean up my scrapbooking mess I made a couple of days ago ( when I was trying to get more organized ).  Amy called and asked if they could come over for the day...I think I said yes before she even finished the question! Oh how I wish Krystal and Kai could call and ask to come over too, but Texas is just a bit further of a drive!
So today the girls just played, Amy helped me organize a bit more and then one of our dear friends ( actually  she was our son Lee's friend first, but we sorta adopted her a long time ago ). We have done that with many of our kid's friends. It was so fun to see her, she is home for the summer from college. We had a wonderful couple of hours visiting with her. She is such an amazing young woman, truly beautiful on the inside and the outside! We love her to death and are thrilled when we get a chance to see her.
Then after dinner tonight the girls were getting ready to pack up, when they asked if they could do a Sleep Over! Once again I think I said yes, before they even asked their Mommy ( which was actually not the right way to do it ), guess I was just excited. Lucky for us Mom thought it would be fun. Although they didn't have plans to do it, so we had to go into our extra clothes container to find outfits for bedtime.
Then the fun started, they helped Poppa water all the flowers and fix a few more things outside.

Then after another prayers and another Bed Time Snack, we brushed teeth and then decided to do our story telling outside snuggled up on one chair on my lap with a quilt on us and under the stars. We tried to take a photo of ourselves but it was too dark, but we did get a photo of a little part of the crescent moon to show you. After the story then the girls said, we hope you never move away from you Nana, then Jenny said " I think we should get a house that is smashed up against your house, that way we could do Sleep Overs whenever we wanted to. Then Angie said " yeah its just not fair that we live so far way!" As I tried to explain the LIFE ISN'T FAIR speech, she interrupted and said..." Nana, our Daddy can build anything, maybe tomorrow we could draw pictures of the kind of house we want for all of us". Jenny replied " it would be fun to have a tree house in between our houses and we could have secret doors to get to it."
As I got them tucked into bed and kissed good night and was shutting the door, they both  said " Nana, this is the best Sleep Over Ever! Then Angie said " Yes and tomorrow we will draw our plans for our NEW HOUSE!"
No matter how bad things get or have been...being with my Grandkids makes everything better!
Good night dear friends!

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