Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Is it hot in here?

When the kids were little, I remember feeling just like this photo! :)
I wondered if I would ever survive it, being up all night, sick babies, chicken pox, potty training, the busing kids back and forth from
activities, the homework, the volunteering and on and on.

Now I am getting ready to turn 55 in a few days, and I am struggling with a new stage of life.
Just after 6 months of being really sick, ending with a abscessed tooth and having to have it out...I began to start having Hot Flashes!
Now I have watched many of my friends go through Menopause and I have heard all the horror stories about it. I even remember how my own Mother handled it, so it really wasn't something I was looking forward to... but knew it would eventually happen some day. Why it had to happen when it did is just bad luck I guess. My grandmother used to always say "If it weren't for bad luck, you won't have any luck at all!" Funny Grandma, but maybe that is true?
Anyway, I am not trying to complain except that because of the Hot Flashes at night, I am waking up about every 2 hours trying to cool off. And not sleeping soundly is wiping me out. I used to never sleep ever since I was a kid. But about 3 years ago I started working on getting good sleep, and when I started sleeping 8 hours a night, that is when I really saw my health improve. So I hope and pray that I get figure this out soon and get some solid sleep.I am beat!
Some of you are probably still laughing, because you have already been there and done that. Well if this is my right of passage, please be patient with me.
It's late...tomorrow is a big day at work. I start teaching the 12 Days of Christmas! I can't wait, it is my favorite time of the year!
Good night dear friends!
I heard a comedian once say to the men in the audience. "The way you can know the difference if your wife is going through PMS or Menopause is...a wife going through PMS could kill you. But the wife who is going through Menopause, will cause you to want to kill yourself!"

 Mine as well laugh since I can't change it! :)

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