Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day! 2014

We got a new printer and I haven't learned how to scan on it yet, but glad that the kids have a few photos of their Dad! I have said this more than one time, but Jeff is absolutely a Better Dad and Poppa than I could have ever dreamed of!  He loves his kids and grand kids so much. What I am grateful for is his example to them. He not only teaches them but shows them by how he lives. He is a Dad that anyone would be proud to have. How blessed we are to have him in our lives!  We love you Jeff, Happy Father's Day!

Jeff never misses an  opportunity to have fun with his kids!

Daddy's first little girl! Ok, big girl Amy Marie!

Happy Father's Day to Brad! Can't believe my boy is now a Dad but he is doing an incredible job. Kai is blessed to have you. Love ya!

Happy Father's Day to John,
John has his job cut out with him with 3 little red heads ( well now 2 red heads and a strawberry blonde ), but he is so patient and good with them. How blessed their lives will be to have such a great Dad! Happy Father's Day John!

To the man who keeps us all together!

Our family is growing fast. Love you Jeff, Dad and Poppa!

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