Sunday, June 8, 2014

2 Day Sleep Over

Amy and the girls came to work to meet me yesterday. It was Friday, and so we got to watch the girls while Amy and John had a Date Night. We had an Ice Cream Social at church, so right after dinner we took the girls to that. Then at the end of the evening John and Amy took Jenny and Audrey home, and Angie got to stay for a 2 day Sleep Over.
When I put her to bed last night she asked if we could tell a few stories again. Yes it was about a little girl and her Nana, and the adventures that they have. I must still have the Mothering Stuff in me, because every story has to have a moral and lesson to it! :) After the stories we just talked about all kinds of things and then Angie asked me if I was going to live for a long time. I said " I sure hope so" her reply, "that's good Nana, because I want us to be together forever! " Thank goodness I have the knowledge that we actually can be! She is just beginning to learn and understand that ...and is excited as I am, that we will always get to be together.
So our day started out with Poppa making breakfast for us... eggs and toast...yum!
Then she got to hang out, go to the store and clean the deck with Poppa for a couple of hours, while I tutored a little girl in sewing. Then she came down to my sewing room and started making bracelets with me. She was so excited to come up with a new pattern. We took photos of it and sent them to Lee and Lauren, Lee immediately called and asked her to make one for him. She was sooo excited. She said " You know Nana, I wonder if I will become famous from making these? " I love how she thinks!
Then we headed to Michael's Craft Store to get her some more yarn to work on while she was getting her Pedicure...can you believe it?  She must be my granddaughter if she wanted to make sure that she had some crafts to work on while she was doing something else! "You go Angie girl, keep creating no matter where you are" So like I said, next we got her first Pedicure. She was sooo excited. She had so much fun and every time the ladies asked her if she liked something, her response was " It's perfect, everything is just perfect! " You can only imagine how much all the ladies loved her. Since this was the first time she had ever had a Pedicure, the lady gave her flowers on her of charge! She kept thanking them and told them we would have to come back again and again. Well, that's sweet but it's not cheap, soooo we may have to wait awhile till we do this again!

After our pedicures, a quick stop to Menchie's yogurt!

Then she went into the garden and dug up potatoes for dinner. She and Poppa made dinner. Then she ended the day with a Bubble Bath. Doesn't get much better than that!
Yes, it was a fun filled day. I am so proud to be this little girl's Nana, I sure love her and can't believe she is growing up so fast!
Well, tomorrow is another Special Day, she is getting Baptized. What a wonderful 2 Day Sleep Over!
Did I mention how tired I was?
Good Night dear friends!

"Little Girls Make the World Sweeter!" 

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