Sunday, June 15, 2014

Making Memories!

Kids came over today, to visit and for us to celebrate Father's Day with Jeff and John together. We thought we would do it today since the weather was suppose to be better, plus with me and feeling so tired, we thought today would work better than tomorrow after church.  It is such a treat to watch these girls play together, most of the time they really get along... and now Miss Audrey wants to be right in the middle of everything they are doing.
Can I just say that I love Fisher Price Little People Sets. My brother Ty used to play with them for hours each day and so did my kids, and now to see my grand kids have this much fun with them is neat. 3 Generations of a toy that continues to keep the attention of and helps them use their imaginations. Maybe I should write a thank you note to them? :)

While Jeff was working in the yard, the older girls played in our tree out front. Here is what they were so proud of, that they had made. A homemade Bird Nest! Imagination, isn't it the best?

I need this sign ( below ) when the kids come over! That mess is totally worth it!
Good night dear friends!
Playroom Wall Art - Paint Mess Memories -  8x10 printed digital wall decor - original design by a drop of golden sun.

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