Friday, June 6, 2014

When is enough , enough?

Since I was a little girl, I loved watching my Grandmother Johnny sewing and crocheting. I asked her all the time when I could start sewing and crocheting myself. We started with hand sewing first and then she taught me a little bit of sewing on her Singer Treadle Machine. 

Then I think by the age of 8 -10 or so, she started to teach me how to crochet. First by thread but that was so hard for me, that finally after a lot of whining and begging...she let me start crocheting with yarn. Since then, I have been truly that's a good thing right?
When I was babysitting Audrey the other day, she got interested in my yarn bag...let's just say, she is too young to crochet but...not too young to already have fun with yarn. Look at her face...she looks so innocent doesn't she? That is probably why I let her play with it sooooo long!

What a mess it was for me to untangle her FUN MESS! 
Maybe I am too addicted, the other day Amy and Jenny saw this fun picture on Pinterest and Jenny said..."we need to show this to Nana". Course I don't have a chicken but... of course if I did, I would have to make a styling hat for it! 

Then the other day when I was driving home, I saw this wheel cover... nice to know that there are other Crocheters out there in my neighborhood. some how it makes me feel a bit safer! :)

I think I must be addicted to crocheting because...I laughed out loud when I read this quote! Why because I know it's true!
Yarn quotes
Good Night dear friends!

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