Sunday, March 2, 2014

We both are feeling better!

Amy sent me this photo of Audrey. She has had a terrible cold and that is why she and her Nana have had to stay apart for so long.

Photo: Day 56: Super grateful this little girl is feeling better! And here's the proof... #day56 #365grateful #troublemaker #lovehersomuch #havingablast #neverstopsmoving
 I wished that I had been healthy to just go up and hold her and give Amy a break. I think that must be a Nana thing, because I felt the same way when I found out that our little Kai had a cold and an earache last week. I was always under the impression that when you were the Grandma, that you would be the healthy one that comes to the aide of your children and grandchildren. Yet for a large part of my has been the other way around. My kids and my grandkids have helped me back to health, on more than one occasion.
I am so grateful to see her little smile, and to see the energy she has again to make big misses like this one. I am grateful that for the last 3 days, I have had some relief from my body aches and fever. I am grateful that my breathing is less labored. I actually took a shower today, dried my hair and fixed something to eat, all without having to take a rest or nap in between.
 Most of all I am grateful that I feel happy and hopeful again. I was getting pretty low there for awhile. I know it is because of all the love, concern, prayers and kindness ...each of you have shown me. I am forever grateful!
Good night dear friends
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