Monday, March 24, 2014

Time Machine

Last week at church in Primary ( our children's group ) I taught a lesson about the Savior, and His Resurrection. Jeff and I came up with a Time Machine, so that I could help the kids understand a little bit better by bringing people back from past, through the Time Machine. I started with a piece of Foam Core Board and then just started gluing anything loose that I could find in the garage. Old fuses, broken smoke detector, knobs...lots of knobs and a plastic lid. Then I bought some silver spray paint and sprayed the whole thing. Next I started added colors with arrows and paint. Then came the information part of the machine. Last but not Least...Jeff found these amazing lights that we glued on. Yes, it even made me think that maybe, just maybe...we could make this machine work! :) I figured if I believed it, then they would too!

 So I hung it on the back door of the room when they weren't looking, then I went up front and talked a little bit about the Resurrected Savior. I then said to the children..."Wouldn't it be neat if we could have someone from the past, someone from when Christ lived upon the earth, to come and share with us what it must have been like to see Him and know Him?" They all nodded their heads. So I asked them to turn around, but stay in their seats and let's see if we could get my Time Machine to work. I then went to the Machine, pushed some buttons on the calculator that I had glued on, and turned my dial to the word Bible and then I turned on the lights, about that same time our pianist started playing the theme song to  Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. It is beautiful and and has such a magical sound to it.( It's a cute movie ...if you haven't seen it.)

As soon as the music started... then there was a knock from the other side of the door and I said "Oh my goodness boys and girls, I think our Time Machine really worked, let's see who is here." I had already had our 3 volunteers out in the hallway and dressed up in costumes that I had brought. How fun it was to see their little faces when the volunteers came in one at a time and shared their message. But more important was the testimony of Christ that they shared with the kids. One of our volunteers portrayed Mary Magdalene, the first to see the Resurrected Savior. It was amazing, as she shared with the children how she knew the Savior, how He touched her life and how it broke her heart to have Him Crucified. Then she spoke of the amazing joy, when He appeared unto her. Most of the adults in the room had tears in their eyes,it was touching...all of the volunteers had prepared well and were amazing at portraying their character. Real people who saw the Resurrected Savior.
I am so glad that the kids liked it, I am glad that Jeff and sweet dear little boy (who is our friend) and I all designed and worked on it. It was the first thing that they asked me about today when they came into Primary..."are we going to do the Time Machine again?" 
Sometimes, I wish that I could go back in time and have witnessed things that others did, at the time that Jesus Christ was on the earth. I know that is exactly what the scriptures are for, but I still think that would have been an amazing experience. I guess that is what made me create our Time Machine!
Each Sunday I am realizing that these sweet little children are teaching me ...way more than I am teaching them!
Good night dear friends!

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