Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One lady, one small act of kindness.

Today I went backwards just a step or so, maybe I was up too long yesterday. So I stayed low and started the diet that I have to do before tomorrow's PET scan. But at least I got a great surprised from Brad and Krystal today. It was an I Pad. I couldn't believe it, they sent it to me so we could keep in touch more with Face Time. Brad also is trying to help me out with my drawing, he showed me when he was home for Christmas; how he used his IPad for so many of his creations. I think he is trying to get his Mother to learn how to move up in this technology filled world. I guess I really am challenged that way, ok... maybe even a little embarrassing at it!
Hopefully my IPad will give me something to think about tomorrow other than the test.

I loved this story in the news about an elderly lady, who took time out of her day to do some small act of kindness, which made a big difference to a lot of kids.
Good night dear friends!


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