Thursday, March 27, 2014

A young and creative CEO

I love this young boy's business he started! Congrats to him!
Read and remember... you are never too young or old to DREAM!
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13-Year-Old CEO Takes Flight
(KUTV) You're never too young to start your own business, that's the takeaway from a Utah County CEO.

Noah Cahoon is 13, and he's getting national attention for turning a simple idea into a clever money-maker.

"I'd like to get this all over," says Noah, touting his basement business, called Paper Box Pilots. "When I was a little kid I used to make cardboard airplanes all the time and have my dad draw the gauges."

Flight instruments once sketched by crayons have turned into detailed stickers, which come with an informational packet and a tutorial on how to convert an empty box into an imaginary airplane.

Noah has a support staff that includes his five-year-old brother, Milo, whose official title is CFO, or Chief Flight Officer. Milo's job is basically the test pilot for the operation. Other than that, Noah runs the business himself, with very limited help from his parents. He conducts business meetings, fills orders and is working to develop future products; like a fire truck, racecar and maybe even a dollhouse - all created out of empty boxes.

Paper Box Pilots officially launched last October, they've sold nearly one-thousand kits, mostly to individual buyers, but also a few large orders. "We just had the Boeing Museum of Flight order, and they ordered 48 sticker packets," says Noah.

Noah says the goal of creating the business was all for the experience, but he says he hopes the business can make enough money to pay for his college tuition. "Now that I know what this is like, maybe I can start another company that's a little more professional than selling stickers," he says.

By Chris Miller

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