Thursday, March 6, 2014

Happy Tears!

Well, I left this morning to head to the Doctor's office to get another vitamin injection. Hoping that these are what is helping me get better little by little. After the injection, I had an appointment with my Doctor, to go over the results from my CT scan I had yesterday. I am telling you, once you have had cancer, these appointments are pretty say the least. Before I headed to bed last night, I once again went over in my prayers, how grateful I have been for the last 3 healthy years and that if I had to battle cancer again, that somehow I would be given the strength to do so. Then this morning I woke up and studied my scriptures and said my prayers, and headed off to the Doctor's office, knowing I have done all I can do to prepare for whatever the results were.
 We went over the whole report and the sentence I remember the most was ..." No evidenced of recurrent disease"!!! Because going in there that is what they were looking for  "Metastatic disease ", which means cancer that is active and spreading somewhere in my body. I don't have cancer!!! How blessed I feel, I couldn't help but get in the car and let the happy tears come. I have to admit that after being sick for 9 weeks without seeing any improvement, I was worried too that maybe my cancer had come back. How thankful I feel.
Now I am still suppose to take it slow, not go out a lot and try not to catch any other germs while my body is getting stronger... but I thought that I should really get Jeff's shirts in the Dry Cleaners. I could open the door with my coat, so I don't have to touch it and all the germs on it. Then I just hand them the shirt and get the receipt. I love these people at that dry cleaners, they are a brother and sister and that are so nice. They don't speak much English, but their kindness anyone could understand. When I walked in the sister said to me" your husband say you have been very sick" I told her yes and that I am starting to feel better. She looked at me and I remember that we have been going there a long time and that they knew me when I was going through my last battle with cancer. I told her that we got test results back today and there is no cancer, we are grateful for that. She sighed and then smiled and reached out for my hand, then she covered her other hand on top of mine and said " So Happy!" and I knew she truly was.
What kindness... what sincerity, what a cherished friendship for someone who does a service for our family. This is what I have missed for the past 9 weeks, my friendships with others! How rich I feel from having soooo many dear friends, who are truly So Happy for me.
I felt your love, concern and prayers...I am grateful for each of you dear friends.

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Anonymous said...

So grateful that you are still cancer free. I hope you continue to feel better and that by summer you'll find yourself with more energy than you know what to do with!