Monday, January 28, 2013

Shirley to the RESCUE!

Having never had a sister before, Shirley is the closest thing I can imagine! She and I were roommates when we were in college, and she has been with me ever since. I love that girl...she is someone who makes me laugh, no matter how bad things seem. I wondered if Jeff ( being worried about me the last month or so ) called and asked her to come? Or did she just know ( like a sister ) that I was nearing the end of my rope and literally just hanging on? No matter what the circumstances were that got her here...I am eternally grateful!
It seems like even getting her here was a test. There was a storm right before they left, and her flight was delayed and her plane didn't come in last night until almost midnight. Then yesterday evening before we picked her up, we noticed our Hot Water Heater was leaking bad! Yes, after 14 years ( which is a long time ) it bit the dust. We really were blessed to be home when we found the leak, things could have been so much worse. We stayed up till almost 3:00 last night trying to get water out of the garage and trying to get the water to turn off completely. Shirley and I had to get water in a bucket to wash our face and to flush the toilets. ( We are both from West Virginia so... we just felt like we were going back to our roots !) We laughed and laughed because the water was sooooo cold and because of all that had happened.
Today was a blur, we were so tired. We were afraid if we sat down, that we would fall asleep so... we just kept going. We created in my sewing room for a few hours and had a blast. It is much more fun to create with someone else.
Tonight I am wiped out and these two quotes made me think of the last 2 days that I have had. I need to sleep in the worst way, so good night dear friends!

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