Friday, January 4, 2013

My Bucket is Empty!

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 I am sure all of you have heard of the analogy of a Full or Empty Bucket. Well in my bucket is empty right now. My coping ability isn't equal to the expectations and stresses that I have right now. Why? Well, because I haven't been real good to myself lately. I have made my body and mind go at 150% for too long, and now it is time to stop and rejuvenate. I need to make an appointment with myself and NOT BREAK IT!

So I am going to be refilling my bucket for the next few days...hope you understand. I am going to not write in my blog for a few days. I am going to wait till Tuesday before I write again. Giving myself 4 days to fill my bucket. I woke up this morning and realized that I had this overwhelming feeling that my body has been pushed way to far by not much sleep, stress, no exercise and just general lack of attention. I have been pushing past that WALL, and I know better than that. It is never a good idea to do that. 

If some of you feel the same way, then here are a few suggestions that I am making for myself...everyone's bucket gets filled or emptied differently... but these might help you.

Take time out for myself... take a hot bath, read a book just relax
Have lunch with a friend...that gives you a lot of positive energy
Remember to say NO to things that I really can't do
Eat right...take more time to prepare nutritional meals
Sleep...our bodies heal when we are asleep
Exercise...I have been too busy to do my exercise, that is something I know I shouldn't get too busy to miss.
Spend time being creative, that really fills my bucket.
Make time for spiritual things...reading my scriptures and more meaningful prayer.
Connect with dear friends...take time to  make a phone call or write a letter.

These aren't in any certain order but...I have really got to stop and do them. Thank you for being patient with  me. I realize that I have a lot more to give, when my own bucket is FULL!

If there is something particular that you are concerned about, you can always put a word in the search engine at the top left of this blog and read past posts about it!

Good night dear friends!

"Life is like weightlifting. It is best when you can lift what life gives you. It is best when your lifting ability matches the weight you have to lift"

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