Thursday, January 10, 2013


Someone sent this to me today. My girlfriend and I were just talking about this exact thing. I think it is a big ah hah moment in our life, when we realize this quote is true... our life is made up of choices. We have the Choice to overcome our childhood, to become better parents, to decide what job we want, what type of relationships we want and on and on.
Many people seem to get stuck in their life because they blame everything that happens to them on the things listed below...and they act as if they no choice. I don't believe that, you always have a choice...that is a gift that God gave to each of us. We just need to learn how to make better choices if we want our lives to be better and different. Seems so easy, but I know it isn't always easy... but making the right and many times hard the right thing to do.

Life truly is made up of a lot of lessons and a lot of choices huh?
Well, I am going to make the choice to go to bed, it's late and I need the rest.
Good night dear friends!
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