Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Saying good bye again!

I remember when all my kids were little and I wondered how I would ever get them raised and on their own. Shoot, I was just excited when they were potty trained or could buckle their own seatbelts! :) And now here I am, crying off and on all day today. Watching them pack their bags and get all the their stuff collected from the house. How could they be leaving again? Jeff and I will be Empty Nesters again. We did this exact thing last year for 4 months, and were just getting adjusted when Lee came home sick from college. It was so great to have someone home again and now look...we are doing it again! I think that is the one for sure thing  you can say about family is always changing and it always tugs on your heart. 
So I hope I will hold up better tomorrow than I did last year. I should be getting used to this huh? Just ask my kids...good byes are not a good thing for me. But I am glad Lee is  healthier and that both of them are ready to get back to school, for that we are blessed. 
The only thing that would make me feel better tomorrow is if I were having Amy and the girls coming over (but they can't because Angie's in school ). The second thing that I can could think of that would make me feel better...would be if I I go by the Quilt Shop and just touch all the beautiful fabric! :) It's a sickness.... I know! :) But I always tell Jeff there could be worse addictions! :)
And for those of you who still have your little ones at me, enjoy every minute because they will grow up too fast!
Good night dear friends


Jean(ie) said...

Hope today is going better than expected. Hugs!

Lynn said...

Thanks it did ...sorta!