Thursday, January 17, 2013

I love the color makes me happy!

I am looking at my empty house and getting sorta sad. Christmas decorations are down but not put away. There is just empty spaces and boxes, if you didn't know any would think we are moving, but we aren't! I thought I was going to have my January stuff all made up by this time, so I had something new to look forward to decorate after Christmas. But things didn't go quite as planned this past year. So I decided to just look up some photos of things that are RED ( my favorite color...Pink runs a close 2nd ) and it worked, as soon as I posted them made me happy! I just love the color Red, and you would know that for sure if you ever came to my home. Red is my color, so here are some cute photos and cute quotes to hopefully make you smile today!
Enjoy and good night dear friends!
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on earth~" Go ahead and put some COLOR in your life"
Totally dreaming up a themed shoot all about soft, dreamy, bright color.
"Surround yourself with things that you absolutely LOVE, it makes all the difference" ~ Lynn Woodard

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