Friday, September 17, 2010

This is the GIVE-AWAY day!

Who? What? When? Where? and Why?  I have been asked more than one time all of these questions about my blog. Who is it that reads your blog? That one I don't always know for sure, and that is why I am doing a Give Away Post today. Now, I know that your Mother's always told you that "NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE". Well, I have said that one many times myself to my kids. So the Give Away isn't exactly FREE, here's the catch. I would like to get to know some of my readers or blog followers, I love when I get your comments but that isn't very often. Someone said that it is hard to leave a comment on my blog. Since I am not  great with the computers, I will need to ask for help in getting that fixed. But for now, I am going to give away a box of 6 photograph cards. This particular line of cards, my daughter did for me when I was battling Cancer for the second time. We have sold and sent quite a few of these cards to others, those who need just the perfect card to a loved one who is going through some really tough times in their lives. They are a 5X7, double matted photographed card, perfect for framing, and they are blank inside. You can see her cards at .

So the 16th person to email me at and tell me a little about yourself, or why you read my blog or any suggestions for me, I will send a box of these neat cards to you.

The next question I get asked is What keeps you motivated each day? I have to admit, by nature I am a positive person and usually it isn't hard for me to find something to be happy about. My family is a great motivator for me, my talents keep me motivated to learn more and create more. Other writers and their books motivate me. My friends keep me motivated and feeling needed. My faith is a huge motivator for me. And I guess, readers, keep me motivated to try and find something good, uplifting and motivating each day, so you can read it in my blog.

Another question I get asked a lot is...Why did you start a motivational blog? Well, I have been doing volunteer Motivational Speaking for over 27 years now, and after I speak... people always ask me if I have a Web site or a book? So, I thought maybe there is a need for it.

The next question is Where do I get all my photos from? My youngest daughter Lauren has her own Photography Business and probably over 80 % of them are her's. You can see her work at

The last question is ....When you are having a really bad day, what keeps you going? I do have really tough days, I call them my Bigger Than Me Days. I have struggled with my health for years, survived incest as a child, multiple surgeries, chronic pain, cancer ( two times ) and all the side effects of the surgeries and treatments for that. I am a full time mom and have been married for 28 years, have 4 kids and 2 granddaughters, that is a lot of life to experience!
I try to be honest in my blog, I try not to sugar coat everything. I try to share my thoughts and feelings, in hopes that someone else who may be going through the same thing, will not feel alone. I know that part of my mission here on earth is... to help motivate, inspire, teach, encourage and love others. If my blog even gives just one person hope and makes them smile, then it has been worth it.
Ok, start writing those emails to me, and I will announce the winner this weekend! Thanks again!

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