Thursday, September 23, 2010

Getting out and about again...

Today was a wonderful day, because I was able to teach a class at one of my favorite Quilt Shops. The owner Susan, is a friend of mine and she asked me to do a DEMO class for some fabric pumpkins I made. I don't have any photos of them but they were simple to make and of course fun to decorate your house with. Most of all, I was just grateful that I felt well enough to go out and be able to be among other women today. I love making new friends, and of course talking about quilting. We also talked about everything from cancer, arthritis, grand-kids and other craft additions! It was fun to rub shoulders with such amazing and talented women.
I remember years ago (before I ever knew how to quilt) going into Susan's shop to look at fabric. I had an idea for a quilt but really didn't know much about it. When they started asking me specific questions about the quilt I wanted to make, I realized that there was quilting language, and I didn't know what they were talking about. So I headed out of the door quickly, then came home and asked my neighbors ( who both quilt beautifully ) what the words meant? They smiled and explained them to me. Like I mentioned in another post, everything seems to have it's own lingo and quilting is the same way. I now can walk confidently in there and talk the talk, about fat quarters, sashing and bindings! Yes, I studied hard and it was worth it!
Most of the ladies there today were seasoned Quilters, and it was a treat to meet them, share a new idea  and just spend some time ...out and about! This was a great day for me! I did something pretty normal, that doesn't happen a lot and I felt blessed!

P.S. Since Susan put out candy corn for the class to eat, I had to tell them about how I decorate for all the seasons with candy in old Mason Jars. And how I would get upset when my kids would eat them, I didn't give my kids sugar very often and I really only wanted the candy to decorate with. The kids would not stop eating my decorations, so I finally had to resort to something tougher than just words. I hair sprayed the candy, that still looked the same but...the kids didn't like it any more! :) No I wasn't trying to poison them, I did tell them they were sprayed. Now I have my candy that is years old ( I beat the hair spray actually helps preserve it), and it still looks great! Ok... I can almost hear you laughing, but in my defense...every Mother has her own issues, right? I am not suggesting you try it out on your family, but fair warning when  you come to my house, on any given holiday...don't eat my decorations! :)

"Quilts are like friends, a great source of comfort."

"Friends are always friends no matter how far you have to travel back in time. If you have memories together, there is always a piece of your friendship inside your heart."   ~ Kellie O'Connor

"Quilting holds my life together, one stitch at a time"

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