Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes a little rain must fall!

Well, today and last night were rough. I guess I over did it at Physical Therapy yesterday, and I didn't sleep much at all last night because of the pain. I have to admit, since I have been sleeping soooooooo much better, I am spoiled ...I want to keep sleeping! I was shocked at how most of the morning was over when I finally stopped hurting enough, to get out of bed. Half of the day was wasted...yuck, these are hard days. My hands have been bad all day too, even typing is really hurting so I will leave you with an appropriate photo to go with the appropriate poem. Sometimes a little rain MUST fall!  :)

" Be still sad heart and cease repining;
Behind the clouds the sun is shining,
Thy fate is the common fate of all,
Into each life a little rain must fall,
Some days must be dark and dreary."
   ~ Longfellow


"Pain is only valuable once you know that you've learned from it."

I say that trials and tests locate a person. In other words they determine where you are spiritually. They reveal the true condition of your heart. How you react under pressure is how the real you reacts.-- John Bevere

Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape. --Charles Dickens

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