Monday, May 17, 2010


When I was a little girl my grandmother used to always say..."If everyone's  problems were hung out on the line, you'd take yours and I'd take mine". She then explained that no matter how bad you think your problems are, if you just stop to look around at someone else's problems then ours don't look so bad. I found this story that has the same theme. So instead of telling you how bad I feel today and how I worried I am that I will always be sick like this... I will leave you with this inspiration story of the Sorrow Tree.

Good night dear friends.

The Sorrow Tree

So it was that when the Hasidic pilgrims vied for those among them who had endured the most suffering, who was most entitled to complain, the Zaddck told them the story of the Sorrow Tree. On the Day of Judgment, each person will be allowed to hang one's unhappiness and sufferings on a brach of the great Tree of Sorrows. After all have found a limb from which their miseries may dangle, they may all walk slowly around the tree. Each person is to search for a set of sufferings that he or she would prefer to those he or she has hung on the tree.

In the end, each one freely chooses to reclaim his or her own assortment of sorrows rather than those of another. Each person leaves the Tree of Sorrows wiser that when he or she arrived.   by: Brian Cavanaugh, T.O.R., The Sower's Seeds

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