Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not forgotten

Today I went to recieve my last of the gel injections for my knees ( ouch! ) but my knees are feeling much better when I walk up and down the stairs now, and for that I am grateful. Then I went to my regular doctor to have him check my lungs again. I am better than I was last week, but I still have the bronchitis and the pneumonia so another week down and staying home is the verdict. I have to admit, although I am missing seeing my friends and going places, I really don't feel good enough or have the energy to do hardly anything so, another week it is! Time sure seems to slow down when you're sick, why is that?

Anyway, I have been struggling (as you well know from my posts) from being sick so much and having one trial after another. Some times I wonder if people even miss me? See, that is a thought from a girl who has been hanging out at her own pity party too long. Well, the reason I brought this up, was not to complain but to tell you how grateful I am to know that I have not been forgotten. I have gotten emails with friends checking up on me and my progress. I recieved cards today from dear friends, I talked to another dear friend of mine, who told me how worried she was about me and reminded me that she missed me and loved me. I have had tons of calls from family and friends checking on me and tonight, I recieved a beautiful bouquet of flowers from two friends who wanted to remind me that they loved and missed me. Now all those people today might not have thought what they did, was very big ....but it was HUGE to me and I am honored to have so many dear friends and family members who love me.

So tonight, I wanted to remind those of you, who are going through big struggles and challenges in your life ...to not to do what I have been doing lately... feeling sorry for myself. Trust me, it hasn't gotten me anywhere!  Yes, it is natural to get down and discouraged, but to stay there is a very unhealthy place. So try to stop and remember like I am tonight, all the blessings that you have. Remember your sweet friends and family who love and care about you, and remember that they believe in you and certainly don't want you to quit or to give up. They know you have it in  you to handle whatever comes your way. I pray that we all can be a bit more PATIENT in our challenges.

It is late and I need to head to bed. Good night dear friends and thank you very much for being there for me!

"Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don't say."
- Anon

"When we don't have patience...we will see less, we will hear less and we will feel less!"

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