Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slow but Steady

I always liked the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. I liked the moral of the story that even if you were slow and steady, that you would still win in the end. Today was an accomplishment for our RECNAC GIFTS, Lauren and I met with the staff at one of the Imaging Centers.  They had heard of our gifts and wanted to see more. They are going to have our RECNAC GIFTS available to their patients soon, in their imaging center. That would be a perfect location too because it is there at the Imaging centers that you have your MRI's, mammogram's, and biopsies done. Our seat belt covers, treatment pillows and cards could certainly be a big help and support to their patients. It was at an Imaging Center that I had my cancer diagnosed both times. That is where most people of diagnosed. It is not usually diagnosed in the hospitals, but after your tests and imaging... then you are referred out to all the different Oncologist's and Surgeons that you will need to see and talk to.

Even though I was going there today for a good reason, I could feel my stomach churning a bit from just going back there again. As we walked in, one of the nurses took us back to a conference room where we were to set up our RECNAC GIFTS to show them. She took us through the room where I had my MRI's done just a month ago. I looked through the big windows and saw the women laying there either, in the MRI machines or just coming out of it. I don't know if they saw us but I have to tell you when I walked through that room, I had the strongest feeling like I was being disrespectful as I just casually passed by. I mean, I remember all too well what it felt like to be in there, not knowing if what the results were going to be, wondering what this lump was? I just almost felt guilty that I had made it to the other side and am now sorta living a normal life now. I wanted to go in and tell each one of those ladies to hang on, don't give up the faith, don't let fear cloud your decisions, remember it's your body and your life...you have to make the right decisions for you. I wanted to hold them and let them know that someone was there and cared. Many of their loved ones were probably there in the waiting room,  because they are not allowed back in imaging areas. Even though the waiting room is just down the hallway, it felt like Jeff was miles away from me. I just wanted him by my side. Yes, walking through there brought back a flood of memories and emotions.

So today reminded me for two reasons of the story of the tortoise and the hare. One ...because even though our RECNAC GIFT BUSINESS hasn't really taken off very fast, I realize that I need to be patient and hopefully the help and support that we need will come soon. By November we will have our gifts available in two major places, so that is great, slow but steady. The second reason is... that even though my cancer diagnosis was almost a year ago, and the surgery pain and treatment pains seemed to heal slow and would be never ending. I realized that I am still on the right road and that I am making progress. I don't know that I will ever forget the fear, devastation, worry and confusion that came with my diagnosis. But I pray that I will never forget those who are going through it for the first time now, or that are still in treatment. Their lives will go on...but never quite the same. I hope some day that our RECNAC GIFTS will be out there and available to every person that has to face this awful disease called Cancer. I hope that these gifts will truly help them heal and also help them to have hope and courage. I really think our goal is possible, it just seems that we are going very slow but steady right now. Wish me luck!

mail Here is the logo that my son designed. It shows you that one survivor made these gifts for the next survivor. The word RECNAC is  cancer spelled backwards. And our tag line is... when you call it RECNAC instead of cancer, that you are taking fear and power from the word. RECNAC is a word, it is also a verb, because it is an action. Good night dear friends!






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