Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still more fun is happening around here!

Here were a few photos that I forgot to post.
Before everyone else left on Christmas Day we decided to let Lauren open her Birthday gifts.
Her birthday is January 7th and since she wouldn't be here, we decided to celebrate early!

Amy gave her Fisher Price Disney Princess little people! Kind of a funny joke between her and Amy!
She also got dishes from my neighbor's house...that is what she really wanted! She was thrilled!

Then the next day we took her to her favorite place to eat SUSHI LAND! Nik, wasn't sure he would like sushi, but he did!
Here is the rest of the photos from Christmas!

Miss Audrey trying to tell everyone that they needed her delicious Christmas cookies! :) She is hard to say no to.
Amy wrapped her packages for me in "brown paper paackages wrapped up in string, these are a few of my favorite things." Remind you of a song...right?

Since like every other year, I didn't get everything made. I gave the girls some fabric, Doc McStuffin Bandaids, and a pretend shringes and a coupon from me. Been working on them today!

Tonight Amy, John and girls came over to meet Lee's girlfriend Caitlin ( who is here visiting ), and we all went out to eat and then went to Snowflake Lane in Bellevue ( it is actually called Celebration Lane after Christmas).

Everyone had fun but, boy was it cold outside! Fun night and it was worth braving the weather for!

Smile and look up ... it's snowing!

Good Night dear friends!

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