Monday, December 7, 2015

What a weekend!

How grateful that we got to watch the girls for the weekend. Our big concern was how Miss Audrey would do, she has never done a Sleep Over yet! But Saturday when she woke up she yelled for us to come get her "Nana! Pappa!" as I went in, I said " who is in here?" her response "It's Audrey Nana, I did Sleep Over!" She was so excited, she had to come in the living room and tell her success to Jenny and Poppa! Yeah!                                                                                                        

Then we did chores! She loved doing the dishes!

Then we had to make some delicious pretend Christmas cookies!

Then since it was pouring and cold outside, we decided to do some Elf stuff! Of course we had to wash the table, set up some cute signs and then got making some fun Christmas gifts for their friends and cousins! Can't you just see us in our jammies all day and hear the Christmas music throughout the house? So much fun!!!

Then we watched a Christmas movie and got their clothes ready for church tomorrow! Church went ok...Audrey doesn't necessarily sit still too well, so I am glad that Jeff and I were there to tag team her. 
Then after we took the girls home, we got to do some face time with Kai, he wanted to show his cousins where his Christmas elf was when he woke up yesterday! Too cute!

After that we watched the First Presidency Christmas message, it is one of our favorite Christmas traditions.You can watch it HERE:

So grateful I remembered to to bring my new afghan that I am crocheting!

All in all...what a wonderful weekend it was!
My children say I "look" at them WAY too much...I love looking at them!  They are beautiful!  ;):

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