Saturday, December 5, 2015

What a good day!

Today was good... because I knew there were many things I had to get up and do. First I got up early to do make 30 more tissue holders before I left for work. I made 
60 already, but gave them away, and since I have only 2 more days to work at Gathering Fabrics and I wanted to make sure that I have one for each one of my friends...before I leave!
Some of the sweet ladies brought me Christmas gifts. The girls loved one of the cute gifts that I got... Penquin cookies! They were almost too cute to eat!
This is what I taught today for Day 11 at work. Hot Chocolate Cozy! They are fast and quick and the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list!
Then right after work, I headed for Amy and John's house. They went away for the weekend. Jeff and I are going to watch them. So I went to the neighbor's house where they were staying and picked them up! Audrey just kept hugging me and saying " Nana, I do a Sleep Over!!!!! over and over again!
We went home and Jeff met us there...we had dinner and then decided to pack the girls up and headed home. We decided to stop by Menchies!
Audrey is so excited to be a part of this Sleep Over experience! You can see it in her face!
She is staying close to her Poppa!
The girls were so excited when we got home and they saw that Poppa had put Christmas on their play house on the deck!

Audrey loved all the Christmas lights and decorations I had up but then she started to go downstairs and saw all my junk on the stairs ( that I had planned to clean up tomorrow ), then she said " Nana, this is a Mess! We got to clean it up! "
She really did pretty well for her first sleep over. She got ready for bed, we did the songs, books and prayers and then she headed right to bed. Only right before prayers, she whispered to me and said " I want my Mommy and Daddy", she looked like she was going to cry but she didn't when I said that they will be back soon. 
I think even her doll Katie was excited to come to Nana and Poppa's house for a 2 day sleep over. She already had her jammies on!
So grateful for this full and good day! I needed it!
Good night dear friends!

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