Friday, December 25, 2015

Getting ready for Christmas!

Well, I can't believe it has been this long since I have posted. We have been so busy getting things ready for Christmas. One tradition that we have with the girls... is to have them pick out some things that they would think a little boy or girl their age would like or need, then we take it over to the nearest Sleep Country, where they have a collection area.
I love to see the concern they have for the kids that are less fortunate than them.

Then this week we got to have the Sister Missionaries over for a Christmas dinner. I remember when I was on my mission far away from home for Christmas, how fun it was to have families invite us into their home at such a wonderful and busy time of the year! 

It was fun getting stockings ready for them and for decorating the table
up for dinner!
Then another gift I got early was for Amy, Lauren and I to go out for a day together. We started out going to the grateful I was to be with them in such a special place! Then we went shopping and then went out to lunch!

The rest of the week we just delivered Christmas gifts and we blessed to get have so many of you 
drop off wonderful things for us, Thank you!. And the Christmas cards this year...were simply beautiful!
Then tonight we went to Amy and John's house and had a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner.
We got to watch a Christmas special, and just enjoy having our family together.

We were blessed to even be able to Face Time with Kai and Oakley in Texas, it was so fun to have the whole family together, so grateful for modern technology! We even got to sing a Christmas song together and wish them a good night. Oh how I love those Texas kiddos!

I think Kai is going to take after his Nana, he loves Christmas too! Look what he and his family made after finding a branch that looked just like antlers! :)
Then Lauren gave her Christmas present to me early! A watercolor that she did. She is one talented girl! I love it!!!!!
I pray that each of you have a wonderful Christmas, and are able to feel the true meaning of Christmas this year.
Good night dear friends and Merry Christmas!

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