Monday, December 28, 2015


When the kids were little, it was so fun to see their excitement for Christmas! Hard to believe that was sooo many years ago.
Now here we are years later, and watching the next generation get excited about Christmas!
We were blessed to have 3 out of 4 of our kids and families with us this year. We missed Brad and Krystal and kid...s but tried to Face Time with them. I realize that each year, we should be grateful to have any of the family that we get to have at Christmas. Once they are married, we realize that we have to share time ... and so we are very grateful for the time we got!
It was great having the house full and crazy again. I forgot how loud and messy everything gets when they are all home. I forgot how one moment everyone is happy and laughing, and then a few minutes later... we they could all be upset about trying to choose where everyone wanted to have dinner! Yes that is what we call Family!
Then I had to laugh on how hard I worked to have the house look, feel and smell like home when they all walked in the door, then just a half hour later with everyone's stuff and everyone couldn't even see the floor :). Wonder why we Mom's do that EVERY TIME? No, I know why we do, because we want our home to feel like Home, smell like home and look like home...if only for a moment! I do think that is a very important MOMENT though!
Today is Brad and Krystal's anniversary, can't belive it has been 7 years ago that these guys have been together... and now we have these three sweethearts in our family! LOVE THEM!!!! We feel soooo blessed!

Lauren and Nik left early this morning, so hard to see them go but grateful they were able to come this year for Christmas!
House is a bit quite, of course... I need to clean it again but oh ... it was soooo worth it!
Family, yes what a simple word but it has sooooooooooo much value and meaning!
Feeling very grateful tonight for this sweet Family of mine!
Good Night dear friends!

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