Monday, July 20, 2015

The things that are Essential in life!

Well we are coming to the end of our 5 day Sleep Over! I am shocked how fast it goes.  Yesterday we worked some, I did some cleaning and then Angie and my friend and I went to a Jewelry Show for Premier Design Jewelry. It was fun and something that Angie was so thrilled that she was old enough to go to. She was so fun and sweet about everything. Sara (the Jewelry Lady) was kind enough to do some Give Aways...Angie was blessed to win a couple of them! Thanks Sara!

Then we were able to just sit on the deck and watch the clouds and sunset. I love sitting with my grandkids and looking at the clouds and tell each other what we see in the a crocodile, or a whale, pinchers on a lobster...Angie got really creative!:)

Today was church! Then afterwards since it was 93 degrees we just went downstairs and watched Christmas did make us feel cooler...really! :)
Just being together and talking about what 9 year olds talk, school, family and all the WHYS?s that they have!
It was a great weekend! Love this girl!
 Fun, can't wait for all my grandkids to be old enough to do Sleep Overs at Nana and Poppa's house!

Good night dear friends!
“Many things are good, many are important, but only a few are essential.” – D. Todd Christofferson

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