Thursday, July 2, 2015

Flash from the past!

When I was a kid, I lived in West Virginia and I think that was one of the hottest places around. When my grandkids came over the other day and it was 90 degrees out, the kids were teasing me saying that we should all go out and get a Slurpees 7 Eleven...everyone just smiled and I said "no thanks for me" then they asked me how long it has been since I had one... I couldn't remember how many years ago and only had one or two. Then Angie said " But Nana, you can get slurpees free on your Birthday since it is July 11th ". I smiled and said " too bad Trader Joes doesn't give away something free for my birthday :)
20) Frostop's, located in Huntington, WV.

It made me think of a Flash from the past, when we used to go to a Rootbeer and Hotdog place called Frostop, it still looks like it did all those years ago. I know that my grandkids would be surprised to know that their Nana was raised on Hot Dogs and Rootbeer most of my childhood! All they have ever known is a Natural Nana :)

Funny that I thought of that today when I went to Costco and passed a 7 Eleven store and it was 90 some degrees again :) Great day for a Slurpee right? Or just a cold nectarine or grapes... I think! :)
Have I told you much I love living here? I do, really do!
Good Night dear friends!

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