Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Notes in the shower?

Ever since I can remember, I have scribbled down notes on any kind of piece of paper I can find. The funny thing is, I know what you are thinking...why not just get a notebook and keep all your notes in there? Well, I have done that too, the problem is, there is a notebook in the kitchen, and one in the car, then another one in my sewing room, and on and on. Then I try to combine them and just end up forgetting to write in the main notebook because it is somewhere else and so I get yet ANOTHER notebook.

Last week when Lee was home for a short visit, we were at Target and you guessed it...all the school supplies are on sale...NOTEBOOKS for only 17 cents! I couldn't help myself, I got 10 of them and then the next day without him ( because he gave me such a hard time ) I purchased 10 more!

I realize at the age of 56, chances are good that this isn't issue of mine probably isn't going to change! :)  I have told the kids and Jeff for years that I need help for my Paper Issues, but do they get me help? No, they would rather just have something to tease me about... family! :)

But thinking about it tonight makes me smile... because I have a friend who has chocolate hidden or stashed all of her house, I shouldn't tease her because when I pass away, think of all the notebooks and pieces of paper that my family will find. And what they probably don't know, is that even though something is written on the back of a gum wrapper, top of junk mail, back of newspaper or even on a piece of napkin, it was something important to me at the time..maybe a new sewing idea, someone's name that I met at the store and didn't want to forget, a phone number, someones birthday, a quote that I just heard, or even a memory that I just thought of and knew I should write it down.

So what do you get for the person ( like me ) that has this problem? Well I think I figured it out, I found it on Pinterest...this would be great, I have thought of a ton of ideas when I am in the bath or shower! Glad to know that someone is trying to help my out with my issues! :)

check it out HERE:

One of the most important 'things' in my life - my notebook.  Advice: keep a notebook.  You'll learn a lot about yourself.
I agree...except it this quote should say Keep NOTEBOOKS! :)
Night dear friends!

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