Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 2 of Christmas!

Today was Day 2 of Christmas, so Angie and I got up and went over the class demo staging, she is already learning so much. I love her desire to create! She was excited to come to work with me today. We had a lot of ladies turn out today, it went great and they really loved the block. I just love teaching these ladies, they are amazing and have become such dear friends to me. It has truly been a blessing to be their teacher.
After 3 hours of teaching, we had to stop by the Machine shop to have someone help me with my Serger, the tension wasn't right on it. Angie was a trooper and so patient, I know she liked it but it made for a long day. 
We came home and had dinner again on the deck!
Here she is with what she earned for working with me today. Susan let her pick out some fabric. I let her pick out an animal for helping me for 3 hours. She loves her stuffed animals, just like Lauren did when she was young.
Then we went outside and worked a bit in the front yard. She had fun trimming the bushes.

.After that, we headed to the store and then came home and watched a Movie. Jeff called and said they were fine and going to bed for the night. He said it was a beautiful drive today! He loves his motorcycle and the freedom it gives him. I am so glad that he has that, he is an amazing man and works sooo hard for our family, he certainly deserves it!

We first thought that maybe our Granddaughter Miss Oakley might be coming early, because Krystal hasn't been feeling good. It ended up that she was really dehydrated so they took her to the hospital for some IVs, now she is feeling better. Still praying for her safe arrival. I can hardly wait to see and hold that baby girl!
Good Night dear friends!

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