Thursday, July 9, 2015

Early Birthday Present!

Last week I got an early birthday present from a dear friend back East. Jeff asked me why I didn't open it right away. I told him because I thought I should wait and open it on my birthday. He said no go ahead and just open it, but I thought I should wait. I know this friend always send the neatest gifts, so I thought I would wait.
Then we got to 4th of July in Anacortes and when were at the Marina to watch the fireworks...I told Jeff I wish I had something red or blue to wear but I didn't.
Came home and yesterday and I kept looking at that package and thought to myself " maybe I should just open it, I can't wait to see what she sent".
So after looking at this picture, you can see Jeff was right, I should have opened would have been perfect for the 4th of July!

Moral to this story, when someone close to you sends you an Early Birthday Present...just OPEN IT!
How grateful I am for sooo many dear
sweet friends! They make life wonderful!
Good Night dear friends, and Thank You
for being in my life!

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