Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's not just stuff!

Today was a heart tugging day. A friend and I, helped another friend cleaned out their family home. I am always amazed at the things we all collect throughout out lives. And it always is tough to see that something that meant so much to someone, might now.., really not mean anything to someone else. Guess that is where the old saying  " One's man junk is another man's treasure " comes from probably. Still it is hard to imagine that all these things have a meaning and a story and it may be now...that no one will ever know what it is.
I guess that is why I have always loved antiques and felt grateful if I knew where they came from and whose they belong to in the past. I am glad that I have so many things of my grandmothers and she did tell me the stories about them, which make that even more valuable to me.
It made me want to come home and go through my things, closets and drawers to organize them more. I made my kids promise that when I pass away, that they will share the things I have to someone who would appreciate them, and especially to those who might need them.
 Still I am sure that there will be more than one chuckle about something I have, as they ask themselves " What in the world did Mom plan to do with this? " Or something even worse like
" What in the world is this?"
Maybe I should make a list of things and write down the stories about each one of them. That might take some time, wonder if there is a faster way to do that?
I have tried to share a lot of my stories to my Grandchildren, they have sharp and young minds, maybe they will remember them ?  Let's hope so! I hope at least they will defend my things and say
 " It's not just stuff! ", because it meant a whole lot more to me!

I think I should have a plaque on my sewing room that says...

Birth Certificates...
Show that we were born.

Death Certificates ...
Show that we died.

But Quilts and crafts...
Show that we really LIVED!!!

That quote just made me smile!
Good Night dear friends!

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