Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sometimes all you can do is just... BREATH !

Today like I said, I got to spend the day creating with another one of my dear friends.  Here is the finished projects that we worked on and accomplished. Two new spool pillows for her Sewing Studio. Aren't they sweet? They look great on her new bench. We are still working on a small Spool Quilt for my Sewing Studio, but it should be finished soon.
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Then after we finished sewing, I went to visit my friend who is in a Nursing Facility/ Home Care. I haven't seen her in a while since I was so sick. She seemed though to be happy when I came in, her husband was with me, that is probably why she smiled so big. I was grateful to see her smile again. She is doing so much better than the last time I saw her, but I know that it changes every day.

Came home and put a new sign on the grill we are trying to give away. Jeff had put one on it and it had been out there for a few days with no takers, probably because he only said FREE on it, but it didn't say if it worked or not. So I tried to make a sign that would make anyone want it! Check it out! Jeff got a great deal on a new one at Christmas, that is why we are getting rid of it. But it works just fine, just get your own propane tank and you are good to go.

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When I finished that I was able to go over and see my neighbor and her sweet little baby. She is actually almost 2 months old and she is beautiful. Can't wait to see her more often, she is a cutie!

Next, I had a quick dinner and then headed off to a Lymphedema Support Group at Overlake. It was my first support class in a few years, I came home with mixed feelings. I met some great ladies ( Survivors ). It was about Nutrition, much of it, I have heard or read about throughout the years. Some of the things that they tell you now NOT to eat, was exactly what they told me to EAT a few years ago. Then there were a few things there that were new and informational.
 Many of the ladies there had their ARM sleeves and Legs Sleeves on for their lyphedema. As I listened to many of their stories I realized, we were all at different points in our lives. I remember being the same places that many of them are now. I liked the Therapist that was there, I liked the Nutritionist that was speaking, but I drove home and realized that I had learned some new things but yet there was an anxiousness that I felt, that I haven't felt in awhile. I kept thinking on the way home why I was feeling anxious. Then I realized it was because I could feel the fear that some of those ladies had, and the frustrations that they were having from still suffering from their surgeries and treatments. I think it just put me back abit in that place of not being sure of what works or doesn't work. A place of fear to some degree.
I think for some groups are good and healthy for them, but they never have seemed to serve me as well as I had hope. That's ok, they aren't for everyone, yet they are truly life saving for others. Just important for me to stay in a place that is healthy and strong. Every person is different and that is ok. This quote seem to be what my thoughts were tonight as I came home. Good people, great information, but I think it is best that I not go back.
I am NOT trying to stick my head in the sand, I continually try to stay on top of the latest news and information, plus I pray a lot!  I try to take care of my body and spirit every day as good as I can. That brings me hope, peace and faith. So I believe I had better continue on the path that I am on right now, if that changes and I feel like I need more or something different...then I will try again!
Good Night dear friends!

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