Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A week of Creating!

Yesterday, today and tomorrow... I was and did and will create with a dear friend! What a great start to the week. The friend I created with yesterday, let me come to her house and see her sweet sewing room and she helped me make something for my little Granddaughter Oakley (who will be born in August). She is such an amazing seamstress, it was a real treat to see where she creates and look at all the stuff she has made in the past.
Today the friend I sewed with... came here to my house and we made a dress for her. She is someone that I met just a little over a year ago, and now has become an adopted daughter to us. What a treat to have her in my home, I love any time that we get together.
Then tomorrow I get to sew and create with my dearest of friend. We try to get together each week but sometimes that doesn't happen. How grateful I am to be among so many talented and amazing women in my life.
Oh yeah, and Thursday I am going to my daughter's house to create some more for a Baby Shower she is having! So I guess this is going to be quite the creative week.

1Color Large CREATIVITY Sew Sewing Crafts by SunshineGraphix, $24.99

I just want to sew.  It's been so long.  Can't wait to get in my sewing room again, and be creative, plus I'm going to be painting some of my furniture in there too.

So get sewing!

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