Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Is it really May?

I kept thinking in March that the winter would last forever but ... now I realized it is already May. Where did all that time go? Yesterday when I was at the store, the black clouds were hovering and I thought for sure I could get in and out of the store before the storm hit. But as I walked out into this...a full blown Hail Storm. I decided to just roll up my pants and take off my shoes right there at the store and just get wet and enjoy it!
Today has been stormy looking but quite a few sun breaks and the most beautiful clouds you have ever seen. I feel so blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful place. 
I am really trying to enjoy life more and make the most of each day. After being so sick this winter, I realize that I have got to put more time and attention at taking care of my health first. 
At my PT appt yesterday for lymphedema, told me that I need to try and get back in the pool as soon as I can to help keep the swelling down. Today at my PT appt for my back, she suggested that I try doing Aqua Jogging again until my Doctor clears me to swim again ( she is worried about all the germs that are in the pool ). So I have to start thinking about getting back in the water soon. 
I don't necessarily feel ready for a lot of reasons but I have got to figure that out soon. It is May already and so I need to seriously get on top of my game and get 100% healthy again. 

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