Thursday, May 7, 2015

Babies verses Dinosaurs!

Today Amy and the girls came over so that Amy and I could work together on my Birthday Club Class, that I will be teaching on Saturday.
Amy has such a knack for decorating for any kind of glad I asked for her help.
I made a new blanket ( on the right ) for Audrey's baby doll. Then she went around the house and found all the other babies at my house and all their blankets too.
Is it my imagination or are my Granddaughters actually playing with Baby Dolls instead of Dinosaurs?

Jenny and I were working on something in my Sewing Studio when Amy said that it was time for them to go home. I said to her " Sure wish you could stay and do a Sleep Over with me", so to my surprise she said "OK". So she gets to have a 2 Day impromtu Sleep Over!
She loves to stay over, but would rather have her sister sleep over with her. So I told her I would sleep in Lee's room with her, because she says that she gets scared in her bedroom alone!
She usually does good for one night but 2 is pushing it, she starts missing her Mom and Dad!

Today was a beautiful day, so for dinner we decided to eat out on the deck. We love being on the deck anytime that we can. Jenny is Poppa's buddy when she comes, she sure loves her Poppa!

When Jenny was telling Poppa a suggestion for dinner, then she said "and for dessert we should have something cold, frozen and starts with the letter M ". Jeff started laughing, she was talking about Menchies the Frozen Yogurt place.  
Tasting the samples first!

After they got their frozen yogurt, we headed hometo watch a short Movie before going to bed. 
I am grateful too that with Amy's help, I am almost completely ready for my Saturday Class. That way Jenny and I can do some fun things tomorrow on her Sleep Over!
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