Friday, March 20, 2015

Where has the time gone?

3 years ago today our little Grandson Kai ( and cowboy at heart ) was born. He is our first Grandson and 3rd Grandchild. His full name is Hezekiah Williams and we have been in love with him from the start. We just got to spend almost 2 weeks with them, how grateful we are that we get to spend some time with him each year. Of course it never feels like enough but through the phone and the computer, we try to stay connected!

So here are a few photos of him NOW and the past few years!
He is growing up so fast, his eyes are getting darker and he is all boy! A very handsome 3 year old that is for sure!

Lucky for him, he has an incredibly talented Mom and Dad who absolutely gave him the coolest Dinosaur party ever! My kids are so talented in the parties that they do for our Grand kids, that they make the parties I did for them (when they were little), look pretty lame! :)

It has been so fun sewing for this little guy. He always looks like a little man going to Church on Sundays!

He is the love of his Mommy's heart...that's the way boys are you know with their Moms!

 He like Uncle Lee, loves wearing a hat!
For church I made him ties and bow ties. Then a quiet book to help him be more reverent when he gets to church!

He hardly ever leaves  his Daddy's side, and always wants to eat ...or wear ...or do whatever his Dad is doing! He is their little man!

He is an all around American Boy and by this last can tell that he is Well Loved!
Happy Birthday dear Kai! We love you more than words can say!

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