Monday, March 23, 2015

Bigger than me day today!

Today I spent a big part of a day at the Dentist today. I actually called them on my own. I realized since the first time that I went into this new Dentist of ours, it was when I had a abscess tooth last year. The focus was on me getting my flipper ( temporary tooth ) before the Wedding.  Because of all that we were doing, I never went in for my regular check up. I really felt like I should call and get that cleaning and checkup appointment so that I could get on top of the issues I knew I had with my teeth.
I have always had bad teeth, every since I was a little girl...I had lots of teeth issues.
Jeff on the other hand has already had good teeth. Some people have all the luck.

#Life is short! #Live it now! Find out how at today!

So I found out today, that I have to have a few crowns and quite a few cavities to fill. Then we found out that I have to go to have my blood pressure figured is running too low.
Tough day, I came home...cried and laid down for a nap.
Some times I wonder why I don't have good dental or doctor appointments? I try so hard to take care of myself and yet sometimes, you would never know that by any of my results.
Definitely a bigger than me day!
So I just keep rereading these make me laugh...I need to try to smile about something!

Good night dear friends!

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