Friday, March 13, 2015


I have never liked Goodbyes!
When the kids come home to visit from college, I cry so hard when they leave. I am very grateful for the time we had, but always miss them before they even get out of the driveway.
I cried at the airport when I left Brad, Krystal and Kai! I knew it would be awhile before we see each other again and I am sure Kai will grow quite a bit between that time, hard to miss that!

Today, I went and spent the day with Amy and the girls. As I was saying goodbye tonight Angie, asked me when we could see each other agai :) I realized that just like this quote says... I am very lucky to have many people in my life, that makes saying goodbye hard!
Yes, I am very blessed!
Good night dear friends, so glad I don't have to say Good Bye to you, just Good Night!

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