Friday, March 27, 2015

What do you believe?

Boy, I read this quote and thought that we as Mothers, Nanas and Aunts...should have a plaque with this saying on it, hanging somewhere in our homes, so we could see if often!
 How important it is to teach this to your children from a very, very young age!
It will make a huge difference to have them armed with this knowledge, before the world tries to label them.

Love this photo of Kai, at Lauren's wedding this past September. He felt so good about himself that he showed us how he could dance and drink his Apple Cider at the same time. That boy has some real talent!

Miss Audrey thought that Poppa and Aunt Lauren just forgot to ask her to Dance, so she joined right in on the Father/Daughter Dance ...Aunt Lauren didn't mind at all!

 Yes, teaching our children and grandchildren at a young know who they are, reminding them what their worth is, and telling them over and over again ...that there is no one in the world quite like them... is simply the best and most important knowledge for them in the world!
Good night dear friends!

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