Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Still on Texas time!

Not sure why traveling does such a number on me but ...it always does. Then you add on the 2 hour time difference and ...you have one tired Nana!
Saying goodbye to this little guy was hard, and I just wanted to sneak him in my suitcase, so I won't have to miss watching him grow!
I decided to do a couple of things for him before I left, in hopes that when he sees them...he will remember how much his Nana loves him.

First is I made him an afghan (it started out for the baby but I got carried away on the size ), he might still need it, since when I left it was freezing there. I laughed and teased my son at the airport when I said " I guess I am going to have to go back home to Seattle to get some warm weather and sunshine!"  And that is exactly what I got, it has been beautiful since I got home!

Then I gave him his Birthday present early ( he turns 3 at the end of this month ).

It's a Picnic Quilt, with 2 matching plates, cups and napkins. I was hoping to use it with him outside while I was there... but it was way too cold! We had fun playing on it upstairs, and he got really excited when he realized that the Outer Space fabric was GLOW IN THE DARK fabric!
I have tried to make one of these Picnic Quilts for all the grandchildren when they turn 3 or 4. Just when they are really starting to enjoy Picnics.

We are home now and I have spent most of my time trying to unpack, put things away, do laundry and get ready for work this week. Still tired, so I guess it will take a bit of adjusting to get back to my regular routine. Of course then on Saturday Night we need to change our clocks to Daylight Savings Time! :)
I realized when I was at the airport waiting for my flight, that sometimes I get Homesick. I remember feeling that way off and on throughout my life. Not Home Sick for my actual home, but Homesick for something bigger, deeper. I have wondered what it would be like to go back Home with God, for just a few minutes? I would love to sit and ask Him how I am doing, and ask him to remind me again ...how strong I am.
 This aching in my heart has always been filled when I do two things...read my scriptures and pray more fervently. I took time out at the airport to do that and it worked. I knew I was loved and being watched over. Then when I stopped worrying about being so lonely, I looked around for a new friend, someone to help. When I did that, I also immediately felt better. 
I found a sweet young Mom with 2 little kids who seemed to need a friend. I tried to talk to her little girl and then I sat with them on our last flight. The Mother and I got to talk, then I shared with her that I had a couple of strong willed kids and also told her that some day ...they would grow up, and she would survive ( something I think she was doubting by her 2nd flight ). I proudly showed her a picture of my 4 kids ( all grown up ) and told her that I lived through it and so would she. I shared with her how quickly they grow up. She seemed like a wonderful Mother, I have know doubts she will be fine. 
Fun to make a new friend, forget about my feeling so lonely... and excited that I got to come home and see my Best Friend! Yes, life is hard at times, but still I have much to be Very Grateful for!
Good Night dear friends!
The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday.

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