Friday, March 20, 2015

Passing on a beloved ART!

Tonight I had the chance to teach a dear friend of mine how to crochet. I have always sorta felt like it is a lost art... but now it seems like it becoming popular again. My Grandmother would be so proud. She taught me as a little girl, and now I am trying to pass that love of creating to my Grandkids, all of which seem excited about it ( well except for Miss Audrey, but she loves to play in the yarn ).

This friend tonight was an exception to the rule to be honest with you, she picked it up so fast. I know that she was excited to learn but it was more than that. She just got it and was so comfortable with the hook and the yarn quickly.

I taught her just like I teach anyone, just how to hold the hook, hold the yarn and keep tension on it and then to do just the basic stitch, over and over again until you get your rhythm down. It is just like anything else though, the more you practice the easier it should get...if it is going to be your hobby. If it doesn't, then I would suggest you try something else. Sorta like me and knitting, I have tried and tried it, finally got the knack of it more than ever before...but then realized I couldn't wait to put it down and start crocheting. So I figured ...not everyone was made to knit and that's ok!
With that reality, I was a bit discouraged but just decided to challenge myself in learning something harder in crocheting. That is when I got addicted to this Basket Weave Stitch! Too fun, too cute and I figured it out...with a help of another friend, but this time she was the teacher! " What goes around, comes around".
So here is what my sweet friend crocheted in just a short period of time while we talked. Yes, she can crochet and talk already at the same time...that's impressive!

If I had a cake like this, I would give it to her and say "CONGRATS ANOTHER CROCHETER...IS BORN! "
Then I would tell her the sad truth that will be coming in her future. This quote says it all! :)

Oh how true! ❥Teresa Restegui❥

Good Night dear friends!

Reasons to Crochet ✭Teresa Restegui ✭

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Kellie Tolton said...

You're too sweet! Your kind words and encouragement make me feel like I'm actually getting it, instead of me trying to do it on my own and assuming I'm doing it all wrong! :)