Monday, March 16, 2015

Date Night!

Tonight Jeff and I decided to go on a Date Night, since we missed ours with Jeff being sick. He started feeling bad on Weds night and by Thursday morning, I realized that he was still home and so I knew he had to be sick. He doesn't hardly ever take a Sick Day.
He had a bad rash all over and by the time he got to a was all over his body. It was a nasty Allergic Reaction, bad news after even a 2nd opinion one knew what caused it. Finally he had to get Steriod Shots and today he is finally starting to get a bit better. Still hoping we find out soon what it was that caused such a reaction. Anyway...he is starting to feel better and so we decided to do our Date Night tonight.
We decided to go to the Movies, we went to McFarland USA.
It was an incredible uplifting and inspiring! I would recommend it to anyone!

Not often do you find a movie that is good and CLEAN!!!


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