Friday, September 12, 2014

The night before the wedding... we are almost ready!

Last night we had a Girls Night Out with the Bride to Be!
Here Aunt and Cousin came in from out of town, and Krystal ( sister in law ) came in last week.
Amy came too and we had a blast!
We started out at Charming Charlies  (a to die for jewelry and accessories store, in Redmond Town Center ). Bethany and Shirley presented her with a cute poem and Bride to be gift...too cute! Then we headed of the the Movies there at Redmond Town Center too! We saw the movie ...The Hundred Foot was incredible and clean, that's rare now a days!
I had to laugh, as we were

 leaving Charming Charlies, the  Manager asked us if we were going to have any more cocktails, could we please do a online survey about how much fun we had at the store tonight first?
 I just laughed and said that we would be glad to do the survey, then I said "believe it or not, we haven't had cocktails before we came in here, we were just having a lot of fun. We don't even drink, and never had!
I think she was quite surprised that we could be having that much fun without drinking! Obviously she has never met our family! The look on her face when I said that...PRICELESS!

So here we are now... the day before. Had a wonderful luncheon with Nik's family, it was so much fun having our dear become part of our family. We are truly blessed. 
Then tonight another family dinner and wedding preparations. Clothes are pressed, altered and all the corsages and other flowers are done and ready and package, Shirley finally helped me do my dress andz we are almost all finished taking showers and getting the last of the essentials ready to go in the morning. I hope I can sleep! This is sooooooooooo exciting!

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