Monday, September 22, 2014

The Night before Fall!

Its the little things! Now we have been looking at a lot of stamps with all of the stuff for Lauren's Bridal Shower and Wedding but wasn't until Angie noticed the seasons on the stamps the other day, that I realized that I have been going soooo fast pace for the last couple of months! Maybe I have missed some of the little things!
I had the girls for a 3 night / 4 day sleep over this weekend and once again I am reminded about the little things that count!
Like Beautiful Stamps...
 Girls with amazing IMAGINATIONS...
CREATIVITY from just about anything...

Enjoying a Night Before Fall mean! With homemade Apple Crumble we made all by ourselves! And even for Pumpkin Fairies that brought the girls little cute pumpkins, because she felt bad that out of their whole pumpkin patch this year...they didn't get ANY pumpkins!
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The girls worked for sand animals ( reptiles) that Brad found when cleaning out the garage. So the girls now have inherited them and we found homes and blankets for each of them! See that is creativity at it's best isn't it?
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Well, it was a fun filled weekend to say the least!

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