Sunday, September 7, 2014

A perfect evening!

Well, you can tell that I have been unbelievably busy, because I haven't even stopped to write in my blog for a couple of days. Our daughter in law Krystal and my grandson Kai, flew in on Weds and we have been running, decorating, and playing every since. When Kai saw me, he said "Hi Nana" and gave me a great big hug!!!!
Oh how I have missed my boy! We went shopping Friday for a bit and so this is a photo of he and I at Famous Footwear, as we wait for his Mommy to look for some shoes for the wedding! Yes, we are having a lot of fun!

The day before on Thursday was Lauren's Bridal Shower. That was the gift that Krystal wanted to give  her. She has been planning it for months and it did come out quite spectacular, but I will let you judge for yourself ( photos are below).

Fresh flowers, favors, pumpkin spice muffins and the door/shelve that Lauren and her Dad built together ( this was just an old door we bought and then they added and built everything else on it, then antiqued it to look like it all belonged together.It turned out to be quite the addition to the decorations! Since it was a Jane Austen theme, Amy did some quotes from the book and of course used her new Calligraphy talent...beautiful!
Of course Lauren made a beautiful Bride to Be!

Old books, vintage look with pearls and lace!

Mason jars, one of our family favorites...for drinking glasses!

We could not have ordered a more beautiful day, we set up out on our deck and it was simply beautiful, that evening the only problem that we had got dark so quick. Which made it hard to see what Lauren got, plus the bugs were out in full force, other that was a perfect evening!
Here we are, with all our effort, talents and sheer craziness, we made the shower a great success! I know Lauren felt loved and supported by so many friends ...that was what it was all about!
Thank you dear friends, and good night!

"My heart is, and always will be, yours"  ~ Jane Austen

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