Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Taking the TIME to be healthy!

As you can probably imagine, life has been really busy getting ready for Lauren and Nik's wedding (which is next week ).
One thing I have noticed since we have been going so fast and furious getting everything ready...is that our food choices haven't been the best.
Funny how easy it is to grab something not as healthy...as something healthy.

I have always been concerned what goes into my body. I haven't done necessarily bad foods, but just having chosen as many fruits and veggies as I usually do. Or the the worst thing I do for my body, is get so busy that I don't eat. Then my blood sugar level drops too much and I start to feel terrible.
Then I am really hungry and tend to grab things that aren't the best for me.

Some day I really need to tell you the funny stories that I have about switching my kids over to no sugar, no dairy and no red meat diet, when they all were young. Or maybe I should let them tell you, they have a funny memory of those days!
For my defense they all were on allergy shots, and we had bottles and bottles of that PINK ANTIBIOTICS in the fridge, and still they weren't feeling well at all. So for the next whole year I began to study about food, allergies, stress, mind body connection and everything else I could, in order to help my kids be as healthy as possible. I also looked into all of us going to a Homeopathic Doctor.
So naturally I was really interested in this article that my son had on his blog, about why the French Children don't have weight problems and are healthier. ( Below is one of the lunches that they serve at school.) I guess my favorite part of the article was this...

"So what can we do to promote better eating and moving habits for our children stateside?
It all starts at home: We know what healthy foods are, and we need to use our positive influence to feed our kids healthier foods and and teach healthy eating and exercise habits by example.
Home-cooked meals based on plenty of fresh produce, and a weekly family walk, hike or game of tag are simple lifestyle habits that make a difference in a child's life over time."
You can read it HERE:cho

So true it does takes time, but aren't our kids and ourselves...worth it?
Have a great day dear friends!

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